Matthew 12:22-50 The Danger Of Unbelief

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Matthew, New Testament

I. The Demonic World

A. Its Existence

1. Satan & demons-their origin-(Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:11-17)
2. Their activity

a. Can physically afflict people V. 22

i. Not every affliction has demonic origin, but clearly some do
ii. Blindness, muteness, superhuman strength to break chains, self-destructive behavior, violence towards others lunatic behavior

b. Can oppress, “lie to”, “speak to”, and influence humans (1 Timothy 4:1)
c. Can physically posses a human; sometimes multiple demons
d. Can appear as angels of light (2 Corinthians 6:14)
e. Some names of Satan: Deceiver, Liar, Father of lies, Destroyer, Thief

3. Their limitations

a. Satan/demons not equal to Jesus: Jesus is the creator, they were created
b. Cannot touch Christians w/o permission from God (Luke 22:31, 32)
c. God will sometimes allow spiritual battles to purify/strengthen our faith

4. Their final end- The Lake Of Fire (Revelation 20:10)

B. Jesus’ Dominion Over The Demonic Realm

1. Jesus cast out this demon which caused physical affliction V.22
2. These deliverances helped people know who Jesus was/is V. 23

II. Those Opposed To Jesus

A. Quick To Give A Reason For Opposition V. 24
B. Illogical In Their Opposition

1. They didn’t think things through Vs. 25, 26
2. Satan would not fight against himself
3. They agreed that Jesus had cast out a demon V. 27

a. They had a wrong conclusion about that
b. They ignored the implications about their own doing the same
c. They shall be your judges:

4. They didn’t realize the implications of what just happened Vs. 28, 29

a. They agreed that Jesus had cast out a demon
b. Jesus reasoned w/them: Satan doesn’t conquer Satan, God conquers Satan
c. If Satan is so strong, how was Jesus able to overpower him?
d. If Jesus can overpower Satan, the Kingdom of God has come upon you

5. If all this is true, what side are they on? Satan or Jesus? V. 30

a. Jesus says that there is no neutral ground: we gather or scatter

6. Opponents of Jesus often do not use much wisdom/reasoning in their opposition
7. Not a matter of stupidity, but a lack of critical thinking to a logical conclusion

C. They Failed To See Eternal Consequences Of Unbelief Vs. 31, 32

1. They failed to see the unforgivable sin that they were close to committing
2. The “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” is unforgivable
3. That sin is to ignore the Spirit’s testimony regarding Jesus & forgiveness

a. Turn to John 15:26; John 16:13-14; John 16:8-9
b. The more you reject the gospel, the harder your heart becomes

D. Failed To See Their Own Hypocrisy Vs. 33-35

1. They claimed to be of God
2. Their sinful speech and reasoning showed who they really were
3. Hypocrites are always eventually revealed for who they really are

E. Jesus Warns Them Of Eternal Judgment Vs. 36, 37

1. Keep in mind what Jesus just said

a. Words proceed from out of one’s heart
b. What is in our heart is who/what we are
c. If there is unforgiven sin in our lives, when we die, we will be judged

2. If we have received forgiveness through faith in Jesus, there is no judgment of sin

a. Our sins were already judged in Christ on the cross
b. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ (Romans 8:1)

F. Unbelievers Sound Spiritual But Lack Understanding Vs. 38-42

1. They can sound sincere in their spiritual questioning V. 36
2. They would get their sign, but they still wouldn’t believe

a. Jesus would show a greater sign than Jonah coming out of the great fish
b. When Jesus arose, that generation didn’t believe this greater sign
c. Jesus showed greater wisdom than Solomon, but they didn’t believe

3. Their hypocrisy and carnality is revealed by their words V. 39
4. Greater light brings greater judgment. The “Greater One” stood before them.

G. A Frightening Spiritual Truth Vs. 43-45

1. A man delivered from a demon has temporary relief
2. Demons do not want to be unembodied spirits. They want a physical home
3. If that demon returns to the man, & finds the house empty, he will enter again
4. He will bring with him seven worse spirits
5. That man’s state is now worse than before
6. He had an opportunity to turn to God, but he didn’t
7. The house remained empty, w/o Jesus as the one “stronger than the strong man”
8. The man needs to be filled w/the Holy Spirit, not a demonic spirit
9. The opportunity for God has passed, and now his condition is worse
10. The same is true for a person regarding truth, spiritual influence & oppression
11. The same is true for a family, and city, a nation, a generation of people
12. If the opportunity to receive light is refused, the next condition is worse
13. Jesus doesn’t say that these kinds of people are forever lost; He simply says that when they/we refuse the light, our condition goes from bad to worse.

III. The Family Of God Through Christ Vs. 46-50

A. God’s family isn’t arranged by blood relations Vs. 47
B. God’s family is made of those who do His will Vs. 48-50

1. Even Mary & Jesus’ brothers needed to believe in Him for salvation
2. Turn to John 6:28, 29