vision and mission build up the church

Vision And Mission

Vision-To see Christians built up in their faith. To see churches instructed and encouraged in their faith. To see pastors and church leaders refreshed, encouraged, and understood. To see Christians have their Christian experience enlarged and their spiritual vision expanded. To help Christians and churches experience the fullest Christian life possible.

Mission-Reach Out, Equip, Mobilize, Support. I am a pastor, teacher, a short term missionary and a worship leader. To accomplish these goals, I am involved in the following activities:

1. Reach Out-Leading short term missions trip to assist local churches in evangelism and church and personal growth.

2. Equip-Teaching in Bible Colleges and conferences both nationally and internationally. Providing online video teaching via Youtube, and audio teachings which can be found on Spotify, and Soundcloud

3. Mobilize-Help Christians and church leaders realize what they are capable of them and encourage them to step out in their giftings and callings.

4. Support-Make return trips to Bible Colleges and churches. Maintain long term face-to-face and online relationships to encourage people to continue in their calling.