Matthew 12:14-17 The Jesus Style Of Serving God

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Matthew, New Testament

I. Jesus’ Response To Opposition Vs. 14-17

A. Jesus Departed From Those Who Opposed Him Vs. 14, 15a

1. When faced with this opposition, Jesus chose to depart
2. There is a time to face opposition face to face
3. There is also a time move on to others who will receive the gospel message

a. See Matthew 10:14

4. Sometimes we accomplish more by moving on rather than by fighting/striving

B. How Jesus Handled Those Crowds Vs. 15b-17

1. He didn’t allow opposition to stop Him from healing people V. 15b
2. He didn’t allow the excited crowds to determine His path V. 16
3. Restraining the crowd fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah re. Jesus V. 17
4. The religious rulers would be able to recognize Jesus thru Isaiah

II. How Jesus Served The Father

A. Jesus Served With Human Methods

1. The crowds wanted to tell others about Jesus (that is implied in the text)
2. The methods of communication in those days were simple: oral and written
3. Today, we can communicate in many ways

a. Oral: recorded voice, videotaped speaking, recorded music, concerts, crusades, videos, DVD’s, movies
b. Written: letters, books, newspapers, magazines, internet, email, T-shirts

4. There is nothing wrong with these methods

a. We ought to us as many methods as possible to tell people about Jesus
b. Jesus did use the human methods available in His day

B. Jesus Didn’t Serve With Human Reasoning

1. Jesus used human methods to reach people, but He didn’t use human reasoning
2. Jesus would not use human reasoning to push Himself forward as the Messiah
3. He would do only those things that the Father directed Him to do

a. John 8:29 I always do those things that please Him

4. What’s the difference?
Human reasoning would have said, “Jesus, you are God in the flesh. Stand up to this opposition, do more miracles. If they don’t respond, turn one of them into a frog, and then they will believe. Besides all that, there are many of us who you have healed that want to talk about you right now! Let us handle your public relations. We will make sure that everyone knows who you are, no matter what it takes.”
5. That would make sense, but Jesus didn’t follow human reasoning. (John 8:29)
6. Examples of human reasoning: John 7:1-14; Matthew 16:13-26
7. When Jesus knew that these people wanted to destroy Him, He departed
8. In our day, some might call that cowardice or lack of faith
9. That act, at that time, was pleasing to the Father (John 8:29)
10. Jesus was in perfect obedience to the Father’s will in departing from this group

C. Obedience, Not Reasoning

1. Sometimes Jesus did confront and combat the opposition

a. Matthew 22 and 23 record Jesus in direct opposition with these rulers
b. When He opposed those religious rulers, and spoke strongly against them, He was, once again, doing that which was pleasing to the Father

2. Jesus was not afraid of human opposition, but He did not need to use human reasoning to accomplish His Father’s will
3. Goal oriented people only care about the goal; they don’t consider God’s leading
4. They may use a Bible verse w/ human reasoning to accomplish their goal
5. Jesus said…Matthew 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…
6. Wrong human reasoning would develop the following ideas…

a. I will force a conversation with everyone I meet. I will not take “no” for an answer, until I get them to say the sinner’s prayer. It doesn’t matter where we are, who’s listening, or how that person is feeling.
b. A church will make more disciples if it has a permanent building of its own. Therefore as a pastor, I will teach on finances, giving and tithing, until we have enough money to purchase land and buy a building. Until the people respond, I will not teach on anything else. We will hire experts to show us how to raise money, and to motivate the people.
c. We will insist that everyone has to bring at least three people to church per month, so that they can hear the gospel. In fact, to motivate them, we will have a blue team and a red team, and we will have a friendly competition re. who brings the most people to church.

7. Can such actions & reasoning be justified as “always pleasing the Father”?
8. Does the end justify the means? Does the goal justify the methods?
9. One of the big problems w/Christians & w/the church is that we overvalue human reasoning &logic, &we do not learn to walk in the Spirit
10. If Jesus would have allowed them to make Him known at this time, it would have violated the spirit of the passage in Isaiah. (John 8:29 )
11. Jesus’ Obedience to the Father produced the methods that He used
12. Jesus followed the Father’s heart moment by moment
13. Jesus’ methods reflected the Father’s heart, rather than be self directed
14. Jesus’ methods/reasoning accomplished the Father’s goal w/o human origin
15. Jesus’ ministry was not about methods, but about revelation and obedience

a. Jesus sought the Father’s heart for what to do
b. Jesus sought the father’s heart for when, where, and how to do it

16. Jesus served His Father as a Spirit filled man.
17. John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.