Matthew 10:5-42 The Call To Discipleship

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Matthew, New Testament

I. Where To Go V. 5, 6

A. These Disciples

1. God revealed Himself first to the Jews.
2. It was His intention that they would manifest Him to the world
3. Jesus called them the lost sheep…they had stayed from relationship with God
4. Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.
5. Most of Israel rejected the gospel, & so God sent his servants to the Gentiles.
6. The main point is: Jesus sent out His disciples to where He wanted them to go, and where He didn’t want them to go.

B. Us

1. We are not called to self-direction regarding who we will or won’t go to.
2. 1 Cor. 6:19, 20 19Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 20For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.
3. The church universal is called to make disciples of all nations, but we as a local church, and we as individuals, must follow God’s particular directions for us.
4. Ex.- Invited to Africa to teach at pastor’s conference; India Bible school GFA.

a. Some would say… “more wonderful, “bigger” works of God.
b. I am not called there. I am called primarily to Mexico.

5. QUESTION- Are you a disciple that decides where you will or won’t go, or do you follow Jesus’ directions on where to go & who to talk to?

II. What To Say, What To Do Vs. 7, 8

A. These Disciples

1. They were tell preach the nearness of the kingdom of God
2. Jesus would soon go to the cross, and die for mankind’s sins
3. They were to heal, cast out demons, raise the dead, as the Lord empowered & led
4. They were not to “use” the gospel message for self gratification

B. Us

1. Preach the gospel. Forgiveness of sins and salvation are man’s greatest needs
2. Use whatever gifts God has given you. Walk in Christ’s authority over demons
3. Don’t do it for personal gain, but for the extending of God’s kingdom

III. How To Go

A. Financially & Lodging Vs. 9-13

1. Them- travel light, don’t worry about money and lodging. God will provide

a. Don’t believe the lie about 1st needing to be financially secure
b. I am preaching faith, not foolhardy, haphazardly directed activities

2. Them- As you minister, it is right that people meet your physical needs

a. Don’t force the issue with those who reject the message and you.
b. May the peace you sought to give come back upon you

3. Us- Go as directed by God: not by logic, friend’s opinions, or missionary board guidelines. If God is saying go now, then go now. Make sure it’s the Lord!!!
4. Us- If God is with you, he will provide for you as you serve Him. He will either give you a great paying job, or partial compensation, etc.
5. Our pastoral staff– Every one of them first served sacrificially, w/o demands, and believing that God was leading them. As their ministry was confirmed, and as money was available, they came on staff. They didn’t make demands.
6. Us- How can we invite people to trust Jesus if we don’t trust Him?
7. Us- This will bring all the glory to the Lord, and not to man’s ingenuity

B. Emotionally V. 16

1. Them & us– realize that it is a mean, wicked world that Jesus sends us into
2. We are to be wise, not foolish or naïve. Faith doesn’t mean naivety.
3. Our wisdom isn’t to be used to take advantage of people or situations.
4. Whatever progress we make should obviously be from the Lord

IV. Opposition

A. Anticipate Some Opposition Vs. 14, 15

1. Them & us– we will be opposed by some, probably most. (See Matthew 7:13, 14)
2. “Shake off the dust” a way of pronouncing that their decision is clear, etc.
3. S&G had less of a witness than these people did. Judged acc. to light revealed

B. From Some In The Government V. 16

1. Christians often brought before government officials. It’s an opportunity for us
2. Even though the situation may be negative, how else will they hear?

C. From Some In The Religious Community V. 17

1. This happened literally to Jesus and to the early church.
2. Religious opposition still happens today, both in the U.S, and abroad.
3. Hindi fanatics in India, Muslim radicals throughout the world, liberals in Napa

D. From Some Family Members V. 21, 34-36

1. Some will choose to deny Christ rather than be joined to their Christian relatives
2. Jesus’ goal wasn’t to cause family division; rather, that is the result of his call to discipleship. He calls for devotion and commitment that supersedes family ties.
3. During many Communist persecutions, family members have often betrayed their relatives.
4. Family commitment is admirable, but choosing family over Jesus is wrong.

D. Opposition Will Come From Many Directions V. 22a
E. How To Deal With Opposition

1. Trust that God will speak through you vs. 19, 20

a. How important to know what God has already spoken (His word)
b. How important to be able to recognize voice of the Holy Spirit
c. Be familiar with His Word and His voice

2. Don’t turn away when persecution, rejection, & betrayal come. V. 22b
3. Every Christian must continue on in faith their entire life
4. Son of Man comes– be revealed as the risen Messiah, authenticating His message

V. The Big Picture Vs. 24, 25

A. Don’t Be Surprised Regarding Opposition

1. If Christ in us, flowing through us, expect opposition
2. To the degree that He flows through you, you may suffer the same
3. We are not somehow immune from what He suffered.
4. Don’t define Christianity or God’s will as being free from opposition

B. Don’t Be Afraid

1. Every truth and every falsehood will be revealed some day V. 26
2. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth re. Jesus; it’ll be undeniably clear someday V. 27
3. Don’t ear temporal suffering; fear eternal damnation. Fear God. V. 28
4. God knows everything that is going on upon Earth Vs. 29-31

a. He knows about your situation. Don’t fear, but believe
b. God knows about that which is relatively cheap and unimportant
c. He certainly knows about you; you are not forgotten or abandoned

VI. The Most Important Thing

A. Open & Public Commitment To Jesus Is Called For V. 32, 33

1. If we confess Him, He will represent us before God’s throne
2. If we deny him b/c before men, He will deny us, and we will be eternally lost

B. Following Jesus Requires Putting Him First

1. Love Him more than your family V. 37
2. Be willing to suffer for Him V. 38
3. Understand His truth regarding life. V. 39

a. Live for self, never discover true self, and be eternally lost
b. Lose self to Jesus, discover true self, be eternally saved.

4. Receiving them means that their message is received

a. Though the Christian will face opposition, some will receive the message and as a result will help.
b. God will accept those who receive the message, and are willing to help the messengers