Ephesians 1:7-12 Blessings From The Son

by | May 30, 2023 | Ephesians, New Testament

I. He Has Redeemed Us V. 7a

A. What Is Redemption?

1. Redemptionapolutrosis– a releasing effected by payment of ransom

2. Jesus described living under the influence of sin as slavery. (John 8:31-36)

a. How do we know that statement is true?
b. Try to stop sinning on your own power. Not just “a” sin, but “sinning”
c. We repeatedly do things we wish we didn’t do. We “feel” out of control

3. Slaves were either born into slavery, captured in war, or were put into debtor’s prison where others could pay their debt & buy their freedom

4. When a slave’s freedom was purchased, he was free not only from the debt he owed and couldn’t pay, but also from the dominating lifestyle of slavery.

5. Three Greek words for redemption:

a. agoradzo-to buy in the slave market (perhaps for someone else)
b. exagoradzo– to but out of the slave market for one’s self
c. apolutrosis– to pay the price for one’s freedom (the word used here)

6. we have redemption– settled fact. Present possession. Fully ours right now.

a. Tense is continuous- “we have and are still having”.
b. An abiding fact from the past, in the present, & into the future. (v. 14)

B. How Were We Redeemed?

1. In Him- Redemption comes from Jesus, and being in union w/Jesus; not from us

a. A slave didn’t try to be free; either they were or weren’t.
b. A person doesn’t try to be a Christian; you are redeemed, or you are not.
c. That redemption doesn’t come thru our efforts, but is found in Christ.

2. through His blood– the redemption price paid for us was the blood of Jesus

a. The Gospel speaks of man’s guilt and God’s payment for our sins.
b. The shedding of blood is both an O.T. law and a N.T. truth

i. Old Testament animals were vicarious victims, having other’s sins put on them
ii. Jesus was the “Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world”

3. It wasn’t the teaching or miracles of Jesus, or the “love” of God that redeemed us
4. It was Jesus’ blood. (1 Peter 1:18, 19; Colossians 1:12-14; Acts 20:28)
5. If we were bought & redeemed, with his blood, then we can be sure that our salvation has nothing to do with what we do, but what He did.

II. He Has Forgiven Us According To.. V. 7b, c, 8a

A. He Has Forgiven Us

1. the forgiveness of sins- aphesis to send away, to cause to stand away.
2. Jesus’ death for us made it possible for us to have our sins sent away from us.

a. sinsparaptoma– trespasses, deviations from the right path.
b. Eternally forgiven– we are forgiven of past wrongdoing
c. Daily forgiveness- 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

B. According To The Riches Of His Grace

1. Speaks of the total absence of human merit, & the abundance of God’s grace.
2. God’s grace is unlimited, therefore, He won’t run out of grace for us.
3. No truly repentant sinner is outside of the reach of God’s abundant grace.
4. V. 8a- He made to abound toward us– to go beyond a set number, superabound
Romans 5:20 But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more…

III. He Has Revealed God’s Will To Us Vs. 8b-10

Warren Wiersbe– A “mystery” is a divine truth known only by God’s people through revelation. In Christ we are a part of God’s eternal purpose to gather together “all things in Christ” (v. 10). This present world is falling apart with war, strife, and sin. But one day God will usher in a new creation, with all things united in Christ.

A. God’s Wisdom & Prudence Re. His Grace Toward Us V. 8b

1. wisdomsophia– Among the Greeks, the highest and noblest of wisdom.
2. Prudencephronesis– thinking things through, sound, practical advice.
3. Paul declares that God, in devising his plan of salvation, exhibited the highest form of wisdom and sound thinking as to how to save people. (1 Corinthians 1:18-21)

B. God Revealed A Mystery V. 9

1. the mystery of His will- In His grace He made known to us the mystery

a. Mystery- literally, secret. Previously not revealed, but now revealed.
b. He made his plan knowable, & desires that we know it & understand it.

2. according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself-

a. God is the one in control.
b. He is completely self-determining, and completely self-sufficient.

C. The Gathering Of All Things V. 10

1. dispensation– stewardship. The final stewardship committed to men, that final time period, which will culminate in the gathering of all things together in Christ.
2. Christ is to be pre-eminent, and over all things. Therefore, our lives should place Him in that exalted and first place position over us. Anything less is to be out of harmony with God’s design. (Colossians 1:15-20, Revelation 21:1-5a)
3. Paul Henebury- We get some idea of the cosmic importance of the Cross when we remember Paul’s words in (Romans 8:1823.) Extremes in weather, volcanic activity, the savagery within nature, all reflect the truth that creation is awaiting the re-ordering touch of the Creator, and the final glorification of the saints. When this is accomplished, with Christ as Supreme Ruler, this world will take on new aspects of tranquility and beauty (cf. Isa. 11: 610; Mic. 4:14; Am. 9:1315).

IV. He Has Given Us An Inheritance Vs. 11-12

A. We Have Been Given An Inheritance V. 11

1. Our Inheritance- (1 Peter 1:3, 4)
2. Predestined, purpose, counsel, will. Intimate connection. A very strong statement concerning God’s self-determined plan to choose us for Himself.

B. To The Praise Of His Glory V. 12

Paul Henebury- Our completed redemption will be the cause of new anthems of praise to God by angels, cherubim, seraphim, and the redeemed (Revelation 5:8-10).