1 Samuel 9 & 10 The King Who Started Well

by | Sep 19, 2023 | 1 Samuel, Old Testament

I. The Setting 9:1, 2

A. The Spiritual Climate In Israel

1. This time period followed the time of the judges. God raised up judges to lead Israel.

2. Judges 17:6 In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

3. Samuel was a godly priest but he was getting older and his sons were ungodly.

4. The nation asked for a king like the other nations.

5. They wanted to follow the pattern of the world around them.

6. God had intended to eventually give them a king (Deuteronomy 17), but not yet.

7. God warned them that the king would take from them and make life more difficult.

B. Saul’s Roots 9:1, 2

1. V. 1 Saul’s father was a powerful and influential man. Saul had many advantages.

2. V. 2 According to his outward appearance, Saul was handsome, tall and attractive.

3. It was easy for carnal Israel to choose a king who appealed to their physical senses.

4. NOTE-Saul’s family and appearance are noted, but he had no spiritual life to speak of.

II. Saul’s Early Life 9:3-26

A. Obedient And Considerate 9:3-5

1. Saul was willing to out himself under the authority of his father. He obeyed him.

2. After putting forth a great deal of effort, Saul suggests that they return home.

3. He is concerned that his father will be worrying.

4. At this point in Saul’s life, we see consideration towards others, but that will change.

B. Respect For A Servant Of God 9:6-10

1. It is interesting that this servant is unnamed.

2. He seems to be a type of the Holy Spirit who points people to the Word of God.

3. He stands alongside Saul and brings direction and encouragement and comfort.

C. God’s Calling Of Saul 9:11-16

1. God used lost donkeys to get Saul to Samuel.

a. As we move forward through life, God sometimes uses everyday events to direct us.

b. Obedience is the key. Saul was obeying his father.

c. As Samuel was simply obeying his father’s will, the work of God was done in his life.

d. Notice also, Saul was willing to search long & hard for his father’s donkeys.

e. He was also willing to humbly receive advice from His father’s servant.

2. The people had carnal motives for wanting a King; God still desired to bless His people.

a. God still cared about His people and would use a Saul for a time.

b. NOTE– A Saul will seem impressive and will even accomplish some victories for God, but after a time a Saul will be seen to be a Saul and not a David.

3. Vs. 17-20 Samuel does two things:

a. He establishes his authority as a prophet by telling Saul about the donkeys.

b. He gives Saul a hint at his destiny as a ruler.

4. Vs. 21-26 God used Samuel to prepare Saul’s heart.

a. V. 21 Saul started out as a humble man. The important thing is to stay humble.

b. Vs. 22-25 Samuel showed preference to Saul and honored him in front of others.

i. Samuel may have been speaking to Saul about future leadership, faith, etc.

ii. He may have been speaking to Saul about the need for godly character as king.

c. Vs. 26, 26 God directed Samuel to arrange that Saul’s anointing be a private affair.

i. NOTE-God’s confirmation in our lives is often private long before it is public.

ii. Regarding Saul: it was not yet time to reveal him to the nation.

III. Saul Is Anointed As King

A. The Actual Anointing And Accompanying Signs 10:1-6

1. V. 1 Anointed with oil. This was the actual anointing of God. The announcement of God choosing Saul was made. The anointing with oil was mere symbolic of this event.

2. Vs. 2-6 Samuel gave Saul multiple, multi layered prophesies that couldn’t be doubted

3. V. 6. When God turns us into “another man”, it is then that He can best use us.

a. This happens when a person surrenders to Jesus and is filled with the Holy Spirit.

B. How Saul Would Need To Respond 10:7-9

1. V. 7 Do as the occasion demands…after so many concise details, Samuel tells Saul to “go with the flow” with part for what is about to happen. We often get entangled with thinking we need to know every last detail of what we are supposed to do.

2. Vs. 8, 9 There are many so called prophets on today’s spiritual landscape.

a. We do not see them making these kinds of detailed prophecies.

b. They often says things like, “It seems that maybe”…”It could be that”.

c. Or they simply make prophecies that do not come to pass, and either no one holds them accountable, or they explain them away.

d. Here we see Samuel making very detailed prophecies concerning Saul’s anointing and that he has definitely been chosen by God.

C. The Change That Happened To Saul 10:10-16

1. V. 10 Saul was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied. God gifted him to lead.

2. Vs. 11-13 The change in Saul was evident and seen by others.

a. When a person is called changed by God, people will often ask questions about them.

b. It was hard for people to believe that Saul spoke among the prophets.

3. Vs. 14-16 Saul was either humble or modest or both. He did not promote himself as King.

a. God would soon reveal Saul’s anointing to the people of Israel.

D. Saul Revealed As King 10:17-27

1. Vs. 17-19 Samuel repeated the sad news about the people’s carnal choosing of a king

2. Vs. 20, 21 They are somehow choosing by lot. The word of God wasn’t being bent and twisted in order to bring Samuel’s words to pass. The circumstances are confirming the word. The word of God interprets our circumstances. We don’t interpret the word of God by our circumstances.

3. V. 22. Saul displays humility/fear/unsureness? Perhaps he is reluctant and afraid that more people will talk about him. It is easier for some to stay in the shadows, even if God has called them to the spotlight.

4. Vs. 23-24 The people are initially excited.

5. V. 25 Samuel explained to the people what behavior they should expect from their king.

6. V. 26 So much potential in verse 26. Saul had been touched deeply by the Lord. He has been changed. And now God touches other men and puts them around Saul.

a. Jesus took a group of twelve common, ordinary men, and they changed the world.

b. It’s exciting to be in a group of people whose hearts have been touched by God.

7. V. 27 Even when God anoints a man or woman, there will be those who criticize and walk in unbelief. Rebels– sons of worthlessness. For the moment, Saul stays quiet.

8. Guzik– From this, we see that Saul started with great promise. He was chosen and anointed by God. Filled with the Holy Spirit. Supported by a great man of God (Samuel). Given gifts appropriate to royalty. Enthusiastically supported by most of the nation. Surrounded by valiant men, men whose hearts God had touched. Wise enough to not regard every doubter or critic as an enemy. He had to choose to walk in the advantages God gave him and choose to not go his own way.