1 Samuel 25 How To Deal With Insults

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I. The Death of Samuel

A. Samuel’s Death V. 1

1. Samuel had been a prophet to Israel; he had been the voice of God to the nation.

2. He was the prophet who had anointed David as King.

3. He had informed Saul that God was raising up another king.

4. He had been a confidant and counselor to King David.

5. He had been a tremendous man of God, but now he was dead.

B. Applications For Us

1. Spurgeon- “We have only this life with which we may serve God upon this earth.

2. 1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

3. Romans 15:7 Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God.

4. Anonymous- “You might be the only Bible a person will ever read”. (What will they see?)

5. Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

6. Samuel lived a life that was lived deliberately for the glory of God.

II. David, Nabal, And Abigail

A. David’s Reasonable Request Vs. 2-9

1. V. 2 Nabal was shearing his sheep. This was like the harvest time for a farmer.

a. It was a time when his efforts were being rewarded and was a time of great joy.

b. It was a time of feasting and generosity and kindness to friends.

c. It was a time of recognizing God’s provision in your life and being thankful.

2. V. 2 Nabal- “fool”. Not stupid, but senseless, disgraceful, folly, doing profane actions.

a. He was a rich man (3k sheep) and knew how to make money.

b. But he was harsh and evil, greedy and unreasonable.

3. V. 3 Abigail- “my father is joy; the joy of my father”. She was wise and beautiful.

4. Vs. 4-9 David had been a good neighbor and had protected Nabal’s flocks and servants from marauding Philistines. This had been a great blessing to Nabal.

a. David was still on the run from Saul, but he chose to be a good neighbor, not a victim.

b. “Feast time” was a perfect opportunity for Nabal to show appreciation to David.

c. David waited until “feast time” to make this request. More appropriate to ask then.

d. David sent young men to make this request. He didn’t show up as a man of war.

e. David wished peace and prosperity upon Nabal. He didn’t make demands.

f. David didn’t ask for a certain amount. He left that gracious decision to Nabal.

g. Nabal’s continued prosperity was in a big way, the result of David’s protection.

h. The young men then waited for David’s response.

B. Nabal’s Unreasonable Response Vs. 10-12

1. V. 10 All of Israel knew David, but Nabal treated him as a nobody.

2. V. 10 He insinuated that David was an unfaithful servant to Saul. Terrible insult. Untrue.

3. He claimed that the items were his. He didn’t recognize God’s hand of provision; therefore, he was unwilling to share. In this, he was sinning against God.

C. David’s Carnal Reaction & Nabal’s Servants Vs. 13-17

1. V. 13 David was a man after God’s heart, but he was not a perfect man.

a. The mercy he had just shown to Saul was forgotten, and for the moment, he had the mind of a murderer. David was now taking things into his own hands.

b. He was merciful with Saul, be is murderous with Nabal. Nabal is a fool.

c. David had every human reason to be angry like this, but it was not justifiable.

2. Vs. 14-17 The servants of Nabal testified to the blessing that David and his men were.

a. This further speaks of why David would have been so angry.

b. Not only was his integrity questioned, but all of his efforts were unappreciated.

D. Abigail Intercedes For Nabal Vs. 18-31

1. V. 18 This large amount of available food shows us how wealthy Nabal was.

2. Vs, 19, 20 Abigail (joy of the Father) was quick to make reconciliation with David.

a. Matthew 5:25 Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are on the way with him, lest your adversary deliver you to the judge, the judge hand you over to the officer, and you be thrown into prison.

3. Vs. 21, 22 Sometimes we think that our right actions before God will go unrewarded.

a. At this point, David is disappointed that his good actions haven’t been met with corresponding good action from Nabal. He thinks that godly living has been a waste.

b. Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

c. If we think our godly efforts have been a waste, then we are doubting God’s promise to reward us in His way and in His time.

d. V. 22 David is so angry that he spiritualizes this sinful action that he is planning.

4. Vs. 23, 24 As Abigail seeks to right this wrong, she comes humbly, not demanding.

a. In all this, God is interested in saving David from committing a terrible sin.

b. So, who does God send? Abigail. If a man came, David may have killed him.

c. This would have been a terrible sin in the conscience of the future king.

5. V. 25 Abigail asked David to consider the source of this insult. We ought to do the same.

a. It takes no spiritual maturity to feel the insult. Spiritual maturity considers the source.

b. Don’t allow a Nabal to turn you into a person that cuts people off or takes revenge.

6. V 26. Abigail gave wise counsel. God was holding David back from multiple homicides.

a. Abigail encouraged David to let God bring vengeance upon Nabal.

7. Vs. 27-31 Abigail gave David incredible counsel.

a. She made things right regarding the provisions for David and his men.

b. She turned David away from the injustice and refocused him on eternal truths.

c. David would be king, but he would be feared as being murderous like Saul was.

d. God loved David so much that he sent Abigail to steer him away from this sin.

E. David’s Comes To His Senses Vs. 32-35

1. David humbly recognized that this visit by Abigail is from the Lord.

2. He was persuaded by a woman. He clearly admitted what he almost did.

3. God wants to keep his children from sinning. He will send us an Abigail.

4. He sends the Holy Spirit to speaks to us, and to bring us back to the joy of the Father.

F. The Death Of Nabal; David Marries Abigail Vs. 36-44

1. Vs. 36-38 God knows how to judge people like Nabal, in this life or the next.

2. V. 39a David says two things:

a. #1-God has taken care of Nabal’s wickedness. #2-God has kept David from sinning.

b. NOTE- If David would have slaughtered Nabal and his men, he would have given Saul a just public cause to hunt him down. He was saved from this.

c. NOTE- We need God to keep us from sinning, don’t we?

d. David failed in that murder was in his heart. But he didn’t go through with it.

3. Vs. 39b-44 David is not taking a second wife in Abigail; Saul had taken Michal away, given her to another man to spite David (he gets her back in 2 Samuel 3:13-16)

a. Abigail’s great wisdom and boldness did not make her bossy towards David; notice she keeps her great humility in his presence.

G. Jesus, Our Example 1 Peter 2:18-25