Revelation 20 The Millennial Kingdom

by | May 11, 2023 | New Testament, Revelation

I. Satan Bound For 1000 Years

A. The Bottomless Pit Vs. 1-3

1. V. 1 John sees an unnamed angel that comes to cast Satan into the Bottomless pit.

a. It is not the Father, or Jesus the Son, or Michael or Gabriel. It is an unnamed angel.

b. This shows the eventual relative unimportance of Satan.

2. Vs 2, 3 At the end of the Great Tribulation, Satan will be bound for 1000 years.

a. He will lose his ability to deceive the nations; his chief means against mankind.

b. After 1000 years, he will be released for a short time.

3. NOTE- It is important to understand that Satan’s chief method of destroying mankind is through deception, through lies, and through imitation.

a. This is why it is so important for followers of Jesus to be familiar with Biblical truth.

b. See Genesis 3:1-5

B. What Is The Millennium?

1. It is a 1000 year period when Jesus physically rules upon the Earth.

2. Christians will serve Jesus and rule under Him

3. There will be unbelievers and Believers that survive the Great Tribulation.

4. They will live on Earth, have families, have children, work, etc.

5. There will be no war. All conflicts will be stopped by Jesus.

6. There are three main views of the Millennial Reign of Jesus.

a. Premillennial – Jesus physically returns at the end of Great Tribulation and reigns.
This view interprets the Bible as saying times will grow worse until Jesus returns and conquers evil, and then rules and reigns. Jesus returns “pre/prior” to Millennial reign.

b. Amillennial- Jesus has spiritually ruled since His resurrection until second coming.
There is no (a) literal 1000 year reign of Jesus upon the Earth, but He reigns in the hearts of His people until the end comes, when the saints enter into Heaven.

c. Postmillennial- Jesus has ruled since resurrection, (no precise 1000 years) but the as the time of His return draws near, there will be an outpouring of truth and His spirit, and the church will help usher in the return of Jesus. The majority of humanity will turn to Jesus, and He will return after (post) this unspecified millennial time.

d. See Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:4-10 (I believe these verses speak of the Millennial reign)

7. Why Does It Matter Which View We Embrace?

a. Premillennial view helps you understand that things will get worse before they get better.

i. This view coincides with the belief of the Rapture, “The Blessed Hope”

ii. God will remove His people before things get worse, and before judgment comes

b. Amillennial suggest that things will continue on until Jesus returns for His church

c. Postmillennial views suggest that things are only going to get better.

i. Elevates the Church into being responsible for preparing the way for Jesus’ return

ii. That the Church will bring all things under the dominion of Jesus

iii. Presents a “positive view” on life, but one that I don’t believe reflects Biblical truth

II. Those Who Reign In The Millennium

A. The Faithful Reign With Jesus V. 4

1. There seem to be two groups here, and both groups are considered saved people.

a. A generalized group of faithful who rule with Jesus.

b. Those who were killed for their faith, and rule with Jesus.

2. See Daniel 7:9-10

B. The First Resurrection Vs. 5, 6

1. First resurrection includes all who died in faith, before or during the Great Tribulation.

2. The first resurrection is unto eternal life; leads to reigning with Jesus during Millennium

3. They are untouched by the second death, which is the final judgment of unbelievers.

4. NOTE- Christians shall be appointed positions of ruling and reigning based upon our faithfulness during this life.

a. See Luke 19:17-19; 1 Corinthians 6:1-3

5. NOTE- Consider what it will be like to serve Jesus in His kingdom.

a. Perfect righteousness, and a “boss” that is perfectly holy and pure.

b. He will only do that which is best for humanity, and will never tolerate evil, but will judge it swiftly and decisively.

c. That kingdom will be what every kingdom should be regarding righteousness.

III. Satan Released & Judged

A. Satan’s Release Vs. 7-9a

1. Upon his release, Satan will go back to what he does: deceiving, lying, and destroying.

2. Jesus will have been ruling from Jerusalem; Satan will seek to overthrow Him.

3. Satan will once again play upon the sinful nature of mankind and incite them to rebel.

4. He will gather an army to attack Jerusalem, and they will surround Jerusalem.

5. NOTE- This demonstrates the sinfulness of mankind. After living under the perfect peaceful of reign of Jesus for 1000 years, people will be stirred up by Satan and choose to rebel against Jesus.

B. Satan Permanently Judged Vs. 9b-10

1. V. 9 There is no battle, only God’s destruction of Lucifer’s army

2. V. 10 Satan is forever judged and sent away, joining the Antichrist and the False Prophet

IV. The Great White Throne Judgment

A. Books Of Judgment

1. V. 11 This is The Great White Throne Judgment; judging the unrepentant for their sins

a. Earth and Heaven fled- Revelation 21:1 says that God creates a new Heaven & Earth.

2. V. 12 Books-These books are the records of the sins of all people. Each person will be judged individually for their own sins, and they will get exactly what they deserve.

a. And the dead were judged- All who have died in their sins will be raised and stand before God to receive their judgment.

3. V. 13 Every dead body will be raised, reassembled, and will stand before God.

a. See John 5:28, 29

4. V. 14 Death & Hades ultimately cease to exist. If no one dies, Hades is not needed.

a. This speaks of the end of physical death for all time.

5. V. 15 The Book of Life, as opposed to Books.

B. The Book Of Life

1. The Book of Life contains the names of those saved, those who have repented, those who have asked Jesus to forgive them, those who have been pardoned for their sins.

2. The Book of Life lists only my name, and none of my sins.

a. My sins were put on Jesus, and he paid for them in full.

b. They are no longer connected to me.

3. To have your name written in the Book of Life means that you have made a conscious decision to surrender to Jesus Christ as your Lord and your Savior.