John 10:39-11:44 Seeing The Glory Of God

by | May 28, 2024 | John, New Testament

I. The Healing Of Lazarus

A. The Setting

1. He is south of Jericho, in a wilderness area where John previously baptized
2. Jesus is still heading towards Jerusalem, where He will be killed
3. Jesus is informed that Lazarus, a dear friend, is ill

a. This is a family that Jesus was close to, and loved dearly
b. The news of Lazarus’ illness is sufficient; they know that Jesus will come

B. Many Misunderstandings Regarding This Event

1. Misunderstandings re. Jesus’ actions and intentions

a. Though His dear friend is sick, Jesus delays His departure to Bethany
b. Jesus waits 2 days, and then returns to Judea. Remember, He loves them
c. They are concerned for His safety. Stone- imperfect tense V. 8
d. Jesus explains His actions and intentions V. 9, 10

i. He was in the light of the Father’s will, not blindly stumbling
ii. Lazarus was indeed dead; Jesus would raise Him up V. 11-14
iii. Jesus was glad that the situation was more difficult, b/c their faith was going to be stronger as a result V. 15

e. Same is true for us: When we step out in faith to serve God

i. Loved ones don’t understand the timing of our movement
ii. Friends are concerned for our safety
iii. The tougher the situation, the great God’s glory. See also diii .
iv. Like Jesus, may we be sure that we are “walking in the light”

2. Misunderstandings re. Lazarus’ condition

a. Jesus says Lazarus is only sleeping- He knows that He will raise him
b. Lazarus is dead, but they don’t understand that either. Jesus, dead or not?

3. Misunderstandings about what the disciples ought to do V. 16

a. Thomas is either willing to die with Jesus, or doesn’t have a clue

4. W/the messenger: confusion about Jesus’ response, accuracy, lack of compassion
5. Jesus explains the Big Picture

a. This sickness is not going to end in death
b. This entire event is for God’s glory, and for the Son’s glory V. 4
c. NOTE- Our trials ought to result in God being glorified

i. As we have faith in God’s promises, and testify, He is glorified
ii. The more difficult the situation, the greater is God’s glory
iii. May we able to quote verse 4 : “This trial/sickness/accident is…”
iv. May we be sure about Jesus’ love for us also V. 5

C. The Miracle

1. The intentions of Jesus

a. All along, Jesus knew that He would raise Lazarus from the dead
b. Thought- Was it difficult for Him to be misunderstood by His followers?

2. The doubts & difficulties re. this miracle

a. Lazarus hadn’t just died, he was very dead. No hope for resuscitation
b. Guzik- Why did He wait four days? Jewish superstition of that day that said a soul stays near the grave for three days, hoping to return to the body. Therefore, it was accepted that after four days there was absolutely no hope of resuscitation.
c. Took place in Bethany, 2 miles from Jerusalem, near much opposition
d. This wasn’t doubt from those against Jesus, but from ones who loved Him

i. Mary & Martha had loved & served Jesus often
ii. Mary had washed His feet with her hair

d. Martha- a measure of doubt in her: “where were you”? V. 21
e. Mary- “Where were you? Now there’s no hope” V. 32b
f. The bystanders doubted Jesus, or at least His timing V. 37
g. Martha worried about the smell of Lazarus’ body V. 39

3. The faith of some re. this miracle

a. Martha’s faith- limited by logic, yet greater than logic Vs. 21, 22

i. Martha’s “here & now” faith was limited V. 24
ii. Martha’s great statement of faith re. Jesus V. 27
iii. She did not prohibit the moving away of the tombstone
iv. Though they did not understand, they waited in faith

4. Jesus Takes The Lead

a. Jesus promises. Believe His promises, no more/no less. V. 23
b. Jesus declares. Believe His declarations, no more/no less V. 25, 26

i. All* generations will die. Those who believe will be raised
ii. One generation will not die, but be transformed 1 Cor. 15:50-57

c. The emotions of Jesus

i. Groaned in the spirit, wept, troubled V. 33, 35, 38
ii. Jesus wept- Though He would soon raise L., He felt their sorrow
iii. Groaned- snort like a horse; indignation. Jesus hates what sin does

d. In spite of the emotions of the moment He moved forward V. 39a
e. Challenges Martha to believe the promise, & see God’s glory V. 40
f. In faith, Jesus prays audibly, that the people would know V. 42
g. In faith, Jesus loudly calls forth Lazarus V. 43

II. The Eternal Promises Of Jesus Vs. 25, 26

A. Jesus Is Himself, The Source Of Life
B. What Is Our Answer To His Question. Do You Believe?

Guzik– Jesus is the champion over death. While the ancients feared death, the Christian can only fear dying. The believer will never die, but simply make an instant transition from an old life to a new life.