Running In My Lane-Update September 2020

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Hi friends,

The phrase “unprecedented times” has lost all of it’s shock value for most of us. If you are like me, I am emotionally and mentally drained from hearing non-stop news about COVID 19, Republicans vs. Democrats, state wide wild fires, conspiracy theories, and racism, ad nauseum. I’m not suggesting that we hide our heads in the sand or not care, but personally, I am very liberated in having a strong sense of what God wants me to be doing, and then having the ability to do it. It seems that so many shouting voices are telling us what they think is important and what we should care about the most. While there are many important matters to consider, each of us can only do so much. I know the lane that God wants me to run in. Running in my lane is where I can make a difference in this world.

Here’s an update of what life in my lane has looked like and what seems to be coming in the near future.

In June, I accepted the Senior Pastor position of Calvary Chapel Vallejo, CA- Sadly, Pastor Frank Richards was battling pancreatic cancer, and needed to step down. He has since graduated to Heaven. I volunteered to step in as a short term substitute until they found a pastor, but after a short time, God showed me that I was to be that man. I didn’t think that I would be pastoring again, but I am thrilled to be serving the saints at CCV. They are a super sweet group of people who have a deep love for God and for each other. Pastor Frank taught and loved them well.

I am serving Calvary Vallejo as a missionary pastor, which simply means that they understand that I will be teaching internationally from time to time as the Lord allows.

A few weeks ago, we signed a lease for a church building, and we are currently remodeling the building for Sunday services. We should be able to move in sometime this Fall. We will make an announcement when we have our grand opening.

Sunday Night Online Study-When the COVID thing hit, most churches were closed down and I sensed that a Sunday Night Facebook Live broadcast might be a good idea. Since I started back in April, I have taught the book of Philippians and have now embarked on teaching “Prophecy And The Days We Live In”. This new topic of study has gotten the attention of between 275-400 people with each teaching video. The conversations have been lively and eye opening for many. We are currently studying the “Rapture Of The Church”, and “The Man Who Will Claim To Be God”.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Mexico-I’ll be in Ensenada from September 7-18, teaching the book of James. I will be teaching in English, but the class will be bi-lingual, and my study notes will be available in Spanish and English. I love teaching in the classroom, and I love the young adults. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach at CCBCM. Click here to learn more about CCBCM.

Calvary Chapel Subotica, Serbia-I was invited to be one of the online conference speakers for CC Subotica as this month they celebrated their 30 year anniversary as a church. I was part of an outreach team in Yugoslavia when the church was planted in 1990, and I went back once or twice a year for many years. For the conference, I created a video and sent it off. It is a blessing to see that church still serving God. Fortunately, my 10 year old grand daughter Hadley had showed me how to use iMovie! Click here to learn more abut CC Subotica.

My Bible Study Notes-My study notes are still being translated by translators in Peru and in Mexico. I have also connected with a former student of mine in La Paz, and he will be helping me to finally start uploading my notes onto my website. In the mean time…I have been uploading audio sermons which can be listened to here.

Peru…That country continues to be hit hard by COVID 19. I was supposed to be there this month, but the country still has closed borders. I am tentatively scheduled to return in the Spring. Click here to learn more about Calvary Chapel Bible College in Cajamarca, Peru.

Philippines in 2021-I have been invited to travel with my good friend Rod Thompson and join him and others at two leadership conferences in either January or February, 2021. Of course, all of that depends upon the government’s official stance on COVID 19 as those dates approach. Pastor Rod is a staff pastor at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Montebelluna, Italy, and his missions ministry is called Cross Culture Missions. You can learn more about Cross Culture Missions by clicking here.

My personal studies in Spanish-I have been much more intentional about learning Spanish, since I have such an affection for the Latin cultures, and since I teach at two campuses in Mexico and at one in Peru. When I was stranded in Peru, I started reading the Bible in Spanish, and since then I have completed the Gospel of John, Acts, Romans, and 1 Corinthians, and currently halfway through 2 Corinthians. I am also using Babbel, a study app. I look forward to being increasingly functional for the Lord in speaking and teaching in Spanish. Estoy emocionado! (I am excited).

For those who have been sending financial support, thank you. Build Up The Church (my missionary pastor ministry) isn’t supported by any one church, but solely by donations from the Body of Christ. I am currently not receiving compensation (my happy choice), so all the donations go towards travel, sermon translations, and buying things like webcams, etc., for online ministry. If you are interested in donating, all gifts are tax deductible, and you can click on the giving page to learn how to give. Thanks!

May your souls prosper as you fix your gaze on Jesus.


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