I. Why Live In Unity? V. 1 

A. Because Of What Jesus Had Done In Their Lives 

1. If- also translated “since”, or, “since these things are true….”
2. Speaks of a fulfilled condition, an evident truth.

a. Paul appealed to them, based upon what Jesus’ presence had produced.
b. Paul didn’t question the fact of these things.  It was a rhetorical statement.
c. Since there is consolation in Christ, comfort of love, etc.
d. Since these things do exist as a result of Jesus’ presence among/in them.
e. Example- “Since you have received much money, don’t live like a beggar.”
f. Paul’s exhortation was based upon a response to an evident truth.
g. NOTE-There needs to be a good reason why people should have certain attitudes.
h. Just telling people how they should feel and act is insufficient.
i. Jesus never told people to think or feel a certain way without a reason why.
j. We should always do our best to tell people why something ought to be.

B. The Benefits They Enjoyed Through Jesus V. 1 

1. Consolation-paraklēsis- (para- to come alongside) Multiple definitions…

a. Exhortation, admonition- Words that move you to action
b. Encouragement, consolation, comfort- Words that comfort
c. Persuasive discourse- Words that instruct and direct you
d. More than soothing words.  Soothing, strengthening, and making brave.
e. Spurgeon- “The Holy Spirit consoles, but Christ is the consolation. If I may use the figure, the Holy Spirit is the Physician, but Christ is the medicine.”
f. If you are a Christian, you ought to know about Jesus being the medicine.

2. Comfort of love-paramythion 

a. Tender, loving persuasion & encouragement.  Consolation, w/tenderness
b. When God lovingly encourages us Himself, thru the Bible, or people.

3. Fellowship of the Spirit-koinōnia 

a. Joint participation, sameness, from the mutual influence of the Holy Spirit
b. There should be on this level, a mass sameness of thinking.
c. One Spirit putting the same thing in every Christian’s heart and mind

4. Affection- splagchnon- literally means bowels, intestines, heart, lungs, etc.

a. Ancient cultures believed affection came from the deepest part within.
b. It talks of having a supernaturally tender disposition towards others

5. Mercy- oiktirmos 

a. Compassionate yearnings and actions, manifestations of pity.

6. Paraphrase- “Since Jesus has done all these things for you, & changed you internally, & since you have experienced this wonderful work of Jesus in your lives….surrender to His work, and the result with be that you live in unity”.
7. NOTE-A lack of unity can only mean that Christians are not surrendering to what Jesus died to accomplish within and among His people.

II. What Brings Unity  

A. Attitudes That Bring Unity Vs. 2, 3 

1. V. 2- Like minded- same understanding, same opinion, cherish the same views

a. Same love-unity of affection
b. One accord-unity of sentiment, one soul, one psyche, one emotion
c. One mind-thinking the “one” thing
d. QUESTION-What does this mean and not mean?

i. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree about everything.
ii. It means you agree on the most important things: Jesus is Lord
iii. When disagreements come, you fall back to the most important

2. No selfish ambition (strife, KJV)- eritheia- electioning for office, self promotion

a. Self ambition puts us above others, which can never bring Godly unity.

3. No conceit-(vainglory, KJV)- kenodoxia- empty pride.

a. Doxology- a hymn which rightfully speaks of God’s glory
b. Kenodoxia- an inappropriate speaking of one’s glory, empty pride.

4. Lowliness of mind, esteeming others as better than yourself

a. This isn’t self-hatred or low self esteem.  Jesus never left us that example.
b. Spurgeon- Men do not quarrel when their ambitions have come to an end.
c. C.J. Mahaney- “Humility is honestly assessing ourselves in the light of God’s holiness and our sinfulness.”
d. Guzik- “If I consider you above me and you consider me above you, then a marvelous thing happens: we have a community where everyone is looked up to, and no one is looked down on.”

B. Actions That Bring Unity V. 4 

1. Not wrong to look to your own interests.
2. It is wrong to look only to your own interests.
3. Jesus never looked only to His own interests.
4. Mark 10:45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

C. Notice The Sequence 

1. The truth and realization of what Jesus had done in them.
2. The attitude that ought to come forth from that realization.
3. Truth produces good attitudes; good attitudes bring forth right actions.
4. Humility comes forth from a right heart, appreciative of what God has done.
5. Right attitudes bring right actions and produce unity.
6. Jesus is our example in all of this.
7. It costs Him so much to provide this for us.
8. Jesus, our source of power, our inspiration, our example.  Philippians 2:5-11.