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Or it might be 3.0…I guess it depends on how you categorize the chapter’s of one’s life.

October, 1991-Start new church in Napa, California.

October 2018-Pass Senior Pastor position on to Rob Rainey, and become an assisting pastor @ Calvary Napa.

January 2020-Become a full time missionary pastor.

I might be crazy, but as Pastor Don McClure once said, “it’s good to be afraid again”.

I’m excited (and a touch nervous/curious) about this next season of life. For those who haven’t heard, I’m no longer the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Napa (formerly Cornerstone). I’ve come to the very clear conclusion that God wants me out and about teaching the Bible wherever He might lead me.

Currently, I am in a regular (and developing) rotation between three Calvary Chapel Bible Colleges.

In 2020, I’m scheduled to teach in Cajamarca Peru, La Paz Mexico, and Ensenada, Mexico. I have discovered that I absolutely love teaching in the classroom, and that I am energized by the students and their zeal for life and for God. It’s a great fit for me. I am hoping for a fourth Bible College destination to eventually happen, but all in good time.

They say that hindsight is 20/20, but I feel like my foresight is 20/20, and that as a Christian, I have a more clear view of life than ever before, though I can’t be sure exactly how things will be working out. But I have discovered that I don’t need to have a perfect plan with all the details worked out to be sure that I’m going in the right direction. God called Abraham to leave his home and go to “a land that I will show you”. Abraham didn’t receive any details, just a clear command to move forward.

It’s great to have a sure conviction of what God wants me to be doing. The details will get worked out.

Other Pursuits In 2020…

I’ll be working on obtaining a Masters of Divinity degree with Calvary Chapel University. It’s an online course which will allow me to travel, yet stay current with my studies. It will keep my heart and my head fresh.

In February, I’ll begin teaching an online Skype Bible College Course to students in a Southeast Asian country. These students live in an area where Christians are heavily persecuted, and they will be risking a lot to attend these classes that we will be sharing together. It’s about a 16 week semester, February-May, 2020.

I’ll be traveling about 12-15 weeks per year. When not traveling, I’ll be in the teaching & worship rotation at church.

Music-Solo album.

If you want to join me in this ministry, you can…

  1. Pray for me. It’s super important to me and for me.
  2. Sign up for a my newsletter, and I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening.
  3. Support financially. I’m in the process of setting up a 501c3 non profit ministry. When that is in place, you can donate online if the Lord leads you to do so. My involvement with the colleges have been and will be all be self-funded.

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas, and may God give you 20/20 vision for this next year.



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