Do Sinners Love Being Around You?

by | Nov 6, 2018 | 0 comments

Do sinners like being around you? Do they love coming to your church? Do they feel welcomed and loved, even though they are confronted with their sins and told of their need to repent?

We church people try so hard to make our churches attractive to sinners. We think we need the best preacher, the loudest music, the most fun kid’s ministry, and the best coffee bar.

Jesus had none of that, and yet sinners were glad to be around him and share a meal with Him.

What if the reason sinners loved coming to our churches had nothing to do with what the church experts tell us. What if sinners loved coming to our churches because there they would be…

“loved better and deeper than they have ever been loved before”.

Dear Christians…it isn’t a matter of our churches having the best preacher, the loudest music, or the best kid’s ministry and building.

It IS a matter of us loving sinners the way that Jesus did and still does.

Do sinners love being around you?

Here’s the sermon version.


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