2 Corinthians 8:13-24 The Proper Handling Of God’s Money

by | Apr 11, 2023 | 2 Corinthians, New Testament

Last week-
1. Giving is a grace. A spiritual gift that God imparts to His people. A willingness to give. 8:1
2. Giving can be done even when one is in need himself. 8:2
3. Giving is to share in the blessing of others. 8:4
4. The Corinthians abounded in many of the so called spectacular spiritual gifts. But those gifts don’t replace the call to give. They were to abound in that as well. 8:7
5. Proof of love for others can be shown through giving. 8:8
6. Jesus is our example of giving. Denying Himself for the sake of others. 8:9
7. It is not only the desiring of giving that is good. It is the doing of it that must follow. 8:10-12

I. The Purpose Of Giving

A. Not Inequality & Hardship For The Givers V. 13

1. Regarding giving, it can be easy for us to think about what we are giving up.

2. Probably for many of us, the giving of finances isn’t going to cause us to be burdened.

a. Burdened- Pressure, tribulation, affliction, distress, straits.

3. For most of us, giving money to the Lord will only be a sacrifice, not a burden.

4. For most of us, the struggle isn’t about whether we are willing to be burdened by our giving, but the struggle is that we fight against our selfishness and false sense of need.

B. Legitimate Needs Be Met Vs. 14, 15

1. V. 14- Paul speaks of fulfilling the needs of the needy.

2. Paul here is not speaking of some form of communism.

a. Where everyone works, puts their money in a general fund, which is divided equally.

b. He is saying that the Corinthians were able to help the Jewish Christians.

c. At this time- Perhaps at another time, when the Corinthians were in need, the Jewish Christians could be able to help them.

d. At this time, the Corinthians had money to give. Next time they might be in need.

3. V. 15- God supplied manna in the desert for the Israelites. (Exodus 16)

a. They would go out and gather manna for their families.

b. An omer, about a quart, for each person in the family.

c. When they all came back to measure it, they discovered that some had gathered much, and others had gathered less.

d. But when they measured it all out, there was the exact amount needed for each person in each household.

e. Though some have much, and others less, God intends that none would go without.

f. He provides for all His children, and would have us to give for the needs of others.

II. People Who Care About Giving

A. Caring & Doing (A God Given Desire) Vs. 16, 17

1. Paul now begins to speak of the integrity and honesty they sought to practice in administering this large gift for the Jewish Christians.

a. Titus was eager to help the Corinthians complete what they had intended.

b. He also cared for them, as we know Paul cared deeply for them.

c. Paul encouraged some kind of involvement by Titus, but Titus had a lot of initiative of his own towards the Corinthians.

d. He set out by his own desire to go to see them.

2. God put a concern in Titus’ heart, and Titus followed through.

a. Titus was concerned in helping the Corinthians follow through with their plans to help the church in Jerusalem.

b. Titus was not motivated by human pressure, but by an inward care and concern for both the Corinthians and the Jewish Christians.

3. QUESTION- Ask yourself, do you have a God given concern for the things of God when it comes to giving. How ready are you to give as the Lord prompts you?

a. You may not think about it much, but are you concerned about giving, and secondly, are you concerned about how your gifts are taken care of and used?

b. Titus had a heart to be careful and diligent about the gifts given to the Lord.

c. That is a good example for us.

B. When God Uses Others To Administer Financial Gifts Vs. 18-24

1. V. 18-NIV- And we are sending along with him the brother who is praised by all the churches for his service to the Gospel.

a. Paul chose men who had cared about God’s work.

b. This unnamed brother was well known for his ministry concerning the gospel.

c. This unnamed brother cared about people’s souls. His priorities were right.

d. The most important thing for this man was the winning of lives to Jesus.

2. QUESTION- Do we realize that our highest calling is to serve Jesus.

a. This happens in many ways, but do you see your giving as helping to accomplish that

b. Are we willing to give to God, if it helps reach people with Jesus?

3. APPLICATION- This is the priority for this church regarding money.

a. Sharing the love of Jesus with people who don’t know Him.

b. Teaching and discipling the Body of Christ.

c. Every dollar we receive should go towards that end. Sharing and teaching Christ.

4. V. 19- Our gifts to God are not for the exalting of a man, a church, or an organization.

a. Our giving to God is to be for the glory of God.

5. Vs. 20, 21- Paul and the others were careful to not leave themselves open for accusation.

a. Paul did not appoint himself and him alone to the handling of this money.

b. It became a group effort, so that there would be good accountability.

c. They didn’t just appeal to God regarding honesty; they were able to appeal to men.

6. QUESTION- Does your lifestyle leave any opportunity for blame regarding the misuse of the money that God has put you in charge of?

a. Is there extravagant or questionable spending? Illegal items? Over the top luxury?

b. If needed, could you give a God honoring explanation for any questions that someone might ask you regarding your money?

7. V. 22- This is a third unnamed man who was well known for his diligence in such matters

8. Vs. 23, 24- Titus was a team player.

a. He saw the greater good, instead of just seeing his own needs or wants.

b. He didn’t view the handling of finances according to his own desires or inclinations.

c. Wiersbe- Titus was not like the committee member who said at the first meeting, “As long as I am on this committee, there will be no unanimous votes.”

d. Churches do not own the money that they receive. They manage it.

9. APPLICATION- We pray and decide together about the spending in our church.

a. One person’s agenda cannot be given in to.

b. We, as a church Board, seek the will of God, and cooperate with each other.

c. APPLICATION- That is something that married couples should and ought to do.

d. Pray TOGETHER about the spending of the funds God has put you in charge of.