1 John 3:10-24 Loving Other Christians

by | Oct 5, 2023 | 1 John, New Testament

I. Two People Groups V. 10

A. Children Of God

1. Children- teknon- “born ones”. Speaks of source, origin, and resemblance.
2. Christians, because of the new birth by the Holy Spirit, have God as their source and origin for life. The “seed” of Jesus is within them. (3:9)
3. As the Christian grows in faith, they increasingly resemble Jesus.
4. The Christian who habitually sins & is unloving walks contrary to their nature
5. Imagine the frustration of a hippopotamus trying to be a dolphin. They both swim but are worlds apart. A hippo is made to be a hippo.
6. A Christian is recognized by his Christ-like attributes being increasingly seen.

B. Children Of The Devil

1. Unbelievers have Satan as their source and origin of life.
2. They increasingly take on the likeness & practices of Satan as they grow older.
3. “Children of the devil” is how all people start out.

a. Ephesians 2:3 “…(we) were by nature children of wrath…”.

4. NOTE- This does not mean that unbelievers should be termed “Satanists”.

a. They unknowingly grow in his likeness, simply because they have not experienced the new spiritual birth by the Holy Spirit.

5. The origin of what we are is increasingly seen as time passes.

II. The Call To Love

A. Christians Are To Love One Another

1. V. 11- the call to love is foundational to the Christian faith. Not an addendum.
2. V. 12- A negative example. Cain had an evil heart which produced evil works.

a. Cain sought to worship God his way & was angry when God corrected him. He did not submit to God’s design regarding worship. (Gen. 4)
b. Self direction & pride led to hatred for his righteous brother, & murder.
c. Independence from God, pride, & self will keep us from loving brethren.

3. V. 13-Unbelievers may resent our love for each other. (3:1)

B. The Assurances That Love Brings

1. V. 14- Love confirms our salvation.

a. Agape love for Christians doesn’t gain salvation, but is an evidence of it
b. Agape love shows us we have gone from death to life
c. Jesus loves all those in whom he dwells. (See 3:9) So should (will) we.
d. Lack of this love for brethren evidences that one remains in spiritual death

2. V. 15- Simply & powerfully the opposite of V. 14. Hatred is likened unto murder.
3. V. 19- Loving the brethren brings confidence w/God. We know He’s changed us

a. We love those whom before we didn’t like.
b. We love them b/c they are brethren. Christ in them and us
c. QUESTION- Don’t unbelievers also love Christians?

i. Unbelievers- Out of sentiment, good will, human dignity.
ii. Christians- Understand organic oneness, Christ loving thru us.
iii. A love not of duty, but of nature. Unlike mere “human” love.

4. Vs. 20, 21- Sometimes our hearts condemn us; but God sees clearly & encourages

a. We know when we have failed to love others as we should.
b. We can feel condemned and wonder about the truth of our salvation.
c. John tells us that we can be reminded of the fact that we love the brethren.
d. God knows our failures, but he also knows that we are loving people that we never would have cared for in the past. He knows we feel bad about it.
e. I believe that God is pleased when we grieve over our failures to love.

III. The Outworking Of Love

A. Practical, Not Just Sentimental & Wishful

1. V. 17– It starts with seeing one’s needs & having an open heart towards them

a. We may or may not be able to help, but are we willing?
b. True faith sees and responds appropriately. James 2:14-17
c. Do you notice the needs of others, or do you have to be told?
d. Do you respond out of duty or out of love? Knowing God’s love promotes loving.

2. V. 18- Not just talking about it but doing it. Feeling it and then following thru.

B. Love And Prayer V. 22

1. When we choose to love, we lay down our lives, time, etc., for others.
2. We are blessed with an assurance that God is changing us internally.
3. We recognize the oneness of all believers, love the brethren by choice & nature.
4. All this indicates that we are in close communion with God, & in fellowship.
5. God’s desires & plans are perfect. As I walk w/Him, I better know His heart.
6. That means I more often pray according to His will, and He answers.
7. John 15:7 If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.

C. Faith & Love V. 23

1. Saving faith must precede every Christian attribute.
2. Christian love is born out of a saving faith in Jesus.
3. It is also born out of a yielded heart to the inner working of God in the life.
4. Then can flow forth Christian love for Christians. Jesus loving thru that life.

D. Relationship With Jesus Brings Love V. 24

1. Abide- to dwell with, to remain.
2. How do I enjoy close fellowship with Jesus Christ?

a. By obeying Him which is, essentially, walking in His ways, not mine.

3. He is perfectly holy, and doesn’t love sin, hatred, jealousy, immorality, etc.
4. If I want to enjoy His company, I cannot achieve that joy by walking in sin.
5. Conversely, I can know that he abides in me and I in Him by that assurance that comes via the Holy Spirit.

a. The H.S. leads the Christian into truth, holiness, love, morality, service.

6. As I walk in those things, I end up walking w/Jesus, b/c that is what He is about
7. Abiding in Him results in assurance for my mind, soul, emotions.

a. The Spirit prompting & producing love for the brethren.