Luke 24 The Heart That Finds Jesus

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Luke, New Testament

I. Wrong Assumptions Regarding Jesus

A. The Women V. 1-10

(We see a series of wrong assumptions, corrections, and surprises)
1. The women came expecting to anoint Jesus’ dead body. V.1
2. They wondered about the stone being rolled away. Mark 16:3
3. They find the stone rolled away. (So they could see inside) V.2
4. They do not find Jesus’ body. V. 3
5. They are greatly perplexed. (To be at a loss) V. 4
6. Their assumptions are corrected by the angels. V. 5, 6a
7. Why do you seek the living among the dead? V. 5
We too often look for Jesus in the dead things – religious traditionalism, formalism, man’s rules, human effort, the efforts of the flesh.
We will never ultimately find Jesus in those things – we find Him only where there is resurrection life, when we worship Him in spirit and in truth
8. They are reminded of Jesus’ words. V. 6b, 7
9. Suddenly, the truth about Jesus is clear. They remembered His words V. 8
10. Faith is born in them. They now understand and believe the truth re. Jesus
11. They are moved to share the truth about Jesus. V. 9, 10

a. Jesus didn’t survive the cross. They had prepared His body.
b. He was resurrected from the dead. His words were true.

B. The Eleven V. 11

1. The Eleven had a previous assumption re. Jesus
2. They expected Him to usher in a physical Kingdom and bring glory to Israel
3. The truth seemed like nonsense.

a. Idle tales- medical word used to describe the babbling of a fevered & insane man

4. For the moment, they didn’t believe the truth

C. Peter V. 12

1. Peter shows more initiative and interest. He goes to investigate.
2. He sees the evidence, but for the moment cannot understand it.

D. The Two Disciples V. 13-32

1. These were men who sought the truth re. God. Spiritual men.
2. They had been in Jerusalem celebrating the Passover. They had stayed awhile.
3. They discussed the crucifixion of Jesus. V. 14
4. They examined the facts. They sought to understand these events. V. 15a
5. Jesus draws near to those who seek to know Him in truth. V. 15b
6. Their eyes were restrained. God did not yet allow them to “see” Jesus. V. 16
7. Jesus draws them into dialogue. They wrestle with the facts. V. 17-24
8. They had a wrong assumption re. Jesus. They didn’t know what to do V. 21
9. The truth astonished them. V. 22

a. to throw out of position, displace, to throw into wonderment
b. to be out of one’s mind, besides one’s self, insane

10. Jesus rebukes them. V. 25

a. O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe…
b. Unbelief is not always just a matter of understanding, but is a matter of the heart.

11. Jesus teaches them. V. 27

a. expounded- to unfold the meaning
b. Jesus was anxious for them to understand who He was

12. Jesus remains with them V. 28-30

a. At first, He acts as if He will go further
b. Jesus does not force His company upon anyone.
c. During communion they realize it was Jesus. Their eyes were opened
d. Though slow of heart to believe, the Word of God had burned in their hearts.
e. They now understand the truth of Jesus, and go to tell the others. V. 33-35

II. Jesus Reveals Himself V. 36-45

A. Peace

1. To The Confused
2. To The Frightened
3. To The Doubtful

B. He Confirms His Resurrection

1. They touched His body
2. He ate with them
3. “They still did not believe for joy, and marveled”. It was “too good to be true”.

C. Jesus Explains Their Experience By His Word

1. First revealed truth, then experience.
2. First He had told them what would happen.
3. He then explained what had happened.
4. He opened their understanding.
5. That they might comprehend the Scriptures.

a. Comprehend- to join together in the mind.
b. The thing to be understood was the Scriptures regarding Jesus.

6. The message regarding Jesus

a. Christ had to suffer, die, and rise from the dead
b. Men need to repent from their sins
c. God will remit (forgive) men’s sins if put their faith in Jesus (in His name)

D. Jesus Sends Them Out V. 46-51

1. They were witnesses to these things

a. Witnesses speak of what they have seen, heard, experienced

2. Jesus would empower them to be witnesses, to live for Him
3. In about 50 days, they would empowered with God’s Spirit

E. They Lived Changed Lives V. 52, 53

1. They worshipped Jesus, having experienced Him as alive
2. They had great joy, and continually praised and blessed God

III. How To Discover Jesus Read Luke 8:4-18

A. Jesus Says To Have A Soft, Open Heart

1. Satan steals the word from a hard heart
2. The word doesn’t significantly grow in a shallow, fearful heart
3. The word is choked out in a materialistic heart
4. The word (truth about Jesus) does it’s work in a soft, open heart.
5. Romans 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

B. Jesus Says To Receive The Truth About Who He Is